Exploring the Museum ~ Letters to my son {Toowoomba Lifestyle Photographer}

I often wish I could see things through your eyes all the time. It’s such a complicated world being a grown up and sometimes I would like to have a special time machine and go back just so I could relive my childhood! Life seemed so simple back then and It’s not until you get older that you’ll realise how lucky you were as a kid! No responsibility, no worries or major concerns and so much around you is unexplored territory.Watching you explore and unravel life’s fascinations gives me great joy each and every day.

So a recent trip to the museum was a real eye opener for me and you. Last time we were there you were 2 and didn’t really have any interest in anything. As we walked around exploring all the museum had to offer I couldn’t help but notice your expressions when you discovered something for the first time. It was amazing to see your smiles, gasps and to hear your questions. You kept asking to play and wanted to touch everything that was on display. Thank goodness the snakes and spiders weren’t handy or I’m sure you would have tried to pick them up too. It was lucky for me that the dinosaurs were just small scale models and not the real thing.
Thanks for a great day and for teaching me to experience new things again. It doesn’t have to cost a lot if money or be too far out of the way. There is enjoyment to be had all around us. I’m hoping we have many more days like these.

Until next time…

I love you xoxo

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  • LoriMarch 23, 2014 - 6:21 am

    So true how childhood is so simple and yet full of wonder!ReplyCancel